Demand Forecasting

We are able to better position assets to best serve customers through schedule changes and unforeseen downtime. Our complex algorithms give automated, preventative reporting on any potential issues that may arise.


We track and prioritize each PO. We are able to exhaust PO’s evenly, pull one completely, then move to the next or manually select which PO should be used.

Network of Carriers

Automatize’s network of carriers is a unified group of A tier service providers with the ability to rapidly surge resources to meet on-site demands

Project Management

Logistics Coordinators, Engineers, Truck Pushers or any designated personnel can manage tasks straight from our mobile/tablet friendly web app.

Transload & Mine Scheduling

Trucks are automatically scheduled at the loading facility. If a backup occurs, the truck is automatically rerouted to a secondary loading facility.

Container Management

Logistics coordinators are able to select containers that are being placed on the stand to offload and once offloaded, moved to empty status. We will interface with solutions to pull this information to automate this process.

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