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What we are offering?

Automatize is essentially a network orchestration model. The platform offers a “collaborative consumption” option in last mile logistics to carriers, sand miners, pumpers, and operators.

  • Data for the design of the well is entered in the software by the job manager via an app or browser accessed portal.
  • Automatize software manages the well’s sand logistics from there, with communication between the various last mile parties occurring through the app.
  • Acting as an “on-demand” trucking facilitator, Automatize’s algorithms select trucks from the available pool in their managed network for allocations that minimize deadhead time.
  • After selecting the driver, dispatch is automated by the software. Once a selected driver accepts a load, the smartphone app delivers the essential details to the driver’s phone: well location and operator, load specifications, PO, etc.
  • After automating the dispatch of the truck, the system also notifies the origination facility (transload or mine) of the incoming trucks and the well-site parties that the truck is on the way.
  • Invoicing is automated too – when a load completes, Automatize generates an invoice, audits it and submits it to the customer based on their specifications.
  • The system will identify issues with loading facilities (for example if a mine is down) to enable decision making on the fly.
  • Real-time Actionabe data
  • predictive analytics
  • Automated auditing
  • Supply Chain adjustments made on the fly

What makes us the leader?

The team is currently rolling out 10 – 15 system updates each week. Every customer and every sand plant wants something different and data formatted certain ways, so Automatize is constantly customizing and fine tuning their algorithms, features and interface.

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